GIS&T GeoProjects

USGIS has launched a new program that provides students at its members institutions access to a collection of available "projects" to which they can apply their developing GIS expertise and talent. The projects themselves are a diverse collection of activities from around the world, representing the needs of researchers, agencies, companies, non-profit organizations, and the like. These are the types of projects that students of GIS undertake as part of their learning within their formal and informal curricula, especially for degree programs such as a Professional Master's Degree.

UCGIS will be providing this service for free to students at its member institutions as a membership benefit. 

If you are someone with a project that might be suitable to add to this collection, please contact Diana Sinton. There is no expectation for payment by the clients to the students. 

GeoProjects is currently being tested by Arizona State University and Texas A&M University. It will be open to all UCGIS member institutions in January 2018.