Resilient GIScience Education

The COVID-19 disruptions will have long-lasting effects on teaching and learning at every level. GI science has many examples of successful planned transitions of curricula from face to face to online delivery and from one technology to another. But the sudden and global impact of the pandemic has stretched our ability to respond effectively now. This is a truly global issue that merits global attention.

Since we are all coping with this at the same time, beginning in the summer of 2020, an ongoing global conversation about Resiliency in GIScience Education was initiated. With an international group of individual leaders, UCGIS is helping to organize and promote a series of English-language online conversations that discuss how these disruptive experiences can become opportunities for rethinking and re-envisioning our practices and perspectives as we strive towards more resiliency. 

Panel 1 on Pedagogies for Resilient GIScience Education was held in the summer with a series of three regional panels: Europe and Africa, The Americas and Asia Pacific. The second series of regional panels on Implementing Resilience will be held this fall.  You can access the videos, a summary of the first conversation, and information on the second panels on our website at

Join us on Tuesday November 17 for the Americas' instance of the Implementing Resilience panel!   Information on panelists and registration link are here

GIS&T Body of Knowledge

The Geographic Information Science & Technologies Body of Knowledge (BoK) is now onlineNew topics are added regularly, and original ones are being revised and expanded. The Editorial Team is always looking for authors and reviewers. Contribute to this global effort for an open, current, and vibrant collection of knowledge for our discipline. 

Topics published during the third quarter of 2020 include:

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GIScience, COVID-19, and University Work

Grappling with new modes of teaching and learning? Our curated collection of instructional resources may be of great value to you. 

Spatial data and spatial analyses are central to responses, planning, and decisions about the COVID-19 pandemic. We curate a collection of selected geospatially-focused COVID-19 resources that you may find helpful, many of which our member institutions and partner organizations have created. Have a resource that you'd like to share with the community?  Please use this online form to contribute. 

Check out this recent CDC publication, Incorporating Geographic Information Science and Technology in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic, authored by UCGIS President Jeremy Mennis (Temple University) and his colleague, Charlotte D. Smith (UC Berkeley). 

 Are you teaching and learning about mapping diseases and other topics related to COVID-19? Remember that the GIS&T Body of Knowledge has helpful articles on classification and clusteringkernels and density estimationpoint pattern analysisproblems with scale and zoningstatistical mappingspatiotemporal representationrepresenting uncertaintyepidemiology, and public health, among many others that you might find helpful. 

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