UCGIS Committees

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Communications Committee

The role of the Communication Committee is to ensure timely communication between and among the Board, the Council and all members of UCGIS and between UCGIS and individuals and organizations outside. This may involve the use of our website, social media, and other forms of electronic communication. 

Committee Members:  Leadership roles on this committee are currently available. If you are interested in serving, please contact Diana Sinton (@ucgis.org). 


Education Committee

"The education committee shall consider priority issues in geographic information science education and public service from which positions, policies, and strategies may be recommended for implementation by UCGIS and its member institutions at local, state, national, and international levels. Major issues might include trends in enrollments, adequacy of the number of graduates and their skills to meet marketplace demands, curriculum and courses, innovations in education, role of faculty and institutions, and other issues that affect education in geographic information science." (from the By Laws)

Committee Members:

  • Steve Moore, University of Redlands (Chair)
  • Eric Shook, University of Minnesota (Vice Chair)
  • David DiBiase, Esri
  • Douglas Flewelling, University of Redlands
  • Sven Fuhrmann, George Mason University
  • Xingong Li, University of Kansas
  • Jennifer Swift, University of Southern California 
  • Laura Tateosian, North Carolina State University

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee receives and reviews new membership applications; makes recommendations for acceptance to the Council twice annually; defines criteria for emerging categories of membership; and advises and assists in recruitment of new members. 

Committee Members:

  • Jennifer Swift, University of Southern California (Chair)

External Relations Committee

The External Relations Committee fosters and maintains relationships on behalf of UCGIS with academic, federal, state, private, and non-governmental partners in the national and international geospatial community. In this role, the committee will provide interpretation and communication to UCGIS membership about federal, state, and non-governmental policy and legislation initiatives; assist the Executive Committee and Board in providing feedback and communication to entities regarding ongoing national and international geospatial policy and legislation development initiatives; advocate on behalf of the UCGIS membership for UCGIS developed policy positions or other positions UCGIS supports; and develop and advance UCGIS-derived policy on geospatial research and education. 

Leadership roles on this committee are currently available. If you are interested in serving, please contact Diana Sinton (@ucgis.org). 


Research Committee

"The research committee will articulate ongoing research priorities for advancing theories and methods in geographic information science; assess the current and potential contributions of GIS to national scientific and public policy issues; track federal and state programs, accomplishments, and needs; foster multidisciplinary research in geographic information science, particularly in support of national needs; and engage in other related activities such as appropriate recognition of outstanding research by faculty and students at its member institutions." (from the By Laws)

Committee Members:

  • Shih-Lung Shaw, University of Tennessee (Chair)
  • Jochen Albrecht, Hunter College - The City University of New York
  • Yingjie Hu, University at Buffalo
  • Wenwen Li, Arizona State University
  • Yongmei Lu, Texas State University - San Marcos
  • Wei Luo, Harvard University
  • Ross Meentemeyer, North Carolina State University
  • Daoqin Tong, Arizona State University
  • Ming-Hsiang Tsou, San Diego State University
  • Lynn Usery, U.S. Geological Survey
  • Chen Xu, University of Wyoming
  • Enki Yoo, University at Buffalo
  • Zhe Zhang, Texas A&M University
  • Lei Zou, Texas A&M University