GIS Day 2020!

Wednesday November 18, 2020

How will you be celebrating during this most unusual of years?  How about joining us for a special webinar.  

Shared Knowledge in a Democratic Society and Connected World 

Description: The mission of the Open Geospatial Consortium is to promote geospatial interoperability, the ability for systems to work together by sharing geographic information. Our ultimate goal is really to help people to work together, by sharing and sharing trust in a common knowledge of the world. Shared trust is hard to come by in a connected world with access to so many versions of fact and fantasy, and it is increasingly clear that democratic societies themselves depend on this trust. Trust can at least be nurtured by the weight of evidence from diverse data sources, and it turns out that connecting these sources together depends, more often than not, on geography. It is vital, but no longer enough to make distributed geographic information shareable in a connected world. We also need to do more to verify, explain, and improve trust in shared knowledge with it. The webinar will expand on this role for geographic information and look at some information standards and practices that can help to enable it.

Presenter: Josh Lieberman develops, leads, and manages OGC Innovation Program initiatives. Josh has been involved in OGC both as a member and as an initiative architect for almost two decades while serving as principal at Tumbling Walls, senior geospatial analysis manager at Deloitte, and lead architect at Traverse Technologies and Syncline. He is also a part-time senior researcher at the Harvard Center for Geographic Analysis and teaches graduate classes at UMBC. Josh currently leads the OGC SCIRA project, Underground Infrastructure Pilot activity, and Maritime Boundaries and Limits Pilot. Previous OGC projects have included the IMIS IoT Pilot, AATS Harmonization Project, Testbeds 10 & 11, and early phases of GEOSS AIP.

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