UCGIS Awards

The UCGIS Awards Program identifies and honors members of our geospatial community who have extraordinary records of accomplishments, including service to the mission of UCGIS. 

Scholars worldwide can be nominated for any of these awards, but the nominations themselves can only come from individuals affiliated with current UCGIS member institutionsWinners for 2019 will be honored at the June 2019 Symposium in Washington, DC.  

The deadline for making nominations is now Friday, February 15, 2019, and will NOT be extended further.  Don't delay!  

Our Research Award is given to an individual who has made a particularly outstanding research contribution to geographic information science. This may include an outstanding peer-reviewed research work, or series of works, though other modes of expression will be considered, including patents, software packages, and non-refereed publications. This award is not for life-time achievement, but instead for a particular research product made at any time prior to the award year. 

Guidelines for the Research Award nominations can be found here, and nominations for the Research Award can be made by using this online nomination form

UCGIS Research Award Recipients

Serge Rey
Hanan Samet
Hanan Samet
Frederico Fonseca

David Mark

David Mark 



Our Education Award is given to an individual who has made outstanding contributions to GIScience education. The award is intended to recognize a career of professional contributions of both national and international significance to GIScience education. Such contributions may be reflected in (but not limited to) demonstrated excellence in GIScience instruction via traditional, formal, informal as well as new educational delivery methods; leadership in GIScience curriculum and learning materials development (e.g. textbooks, websites, and learning technology); publication or other markers of significant scholarship concerned with GIScience education; or leadership in the development of GIScience education policy. 

Guidelines for the Education Award nominations can be found here, and nominations can be made by using this online nomination form

UCGIS Education Award Recipients

Ken Foote
William Huxhold
Karen Kemp


Our Carolyn Merry Mentoring Award is given to an individual who has demonstrated exceptional mentoring abilities and practices. Dr. Carolyn Merry, a professor emerita of Civil, Environmental and Geodetic Engineering at The Ohio State University, embodied the spirit of a mentor by sharing her wisdom and experience with colleagues, particularly junior scholars, as a scientist, educator, and academic leader. In addition to leadership roles as department chair at her university and president of the American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ASPRS), she served from 2002 to 2004 on the executive committee of UCGIS. While UCGIS President, Carolyn’s leadership style reflected her strengths as a mentor. During and after meetings, she was known for her engagement with participants and careful listening during every conversation.

The goal of the Carolyn Marry Mentoring Award is to recognize her commitment to mentoring and the investment of others who share this philosophy. 

Guidelines for the Carolyn Merry Mentoring Award nominations can be found here, and nominations can be made by using this online nomination form. 

UCGIS Carolyn Merry Mentoring Award Recipients

  Keith Clarke
 Budhu Bhaduri
 Nina Lam


The Service Award recognizes individuals who have significantly contributed to the growth, development and ongoing success of the organization. This Award is made only at the discretion of the UCGIS President. 

UCGIS Service Award Recipients

Timothy Nyerges
Laxmi Ramasubramanian



UCGIS Student Paper Competitions

Weibo Liu