Alan MacEachren

Alan MacEachren photoThe University Consortium for Geographic Information Science (UCGIS) is pleased to announce that Dr. Alan MacEachren, Professor Emeritus of Geography, The Pennsylvania State University, has been selected to receive its 2022 Research Award.  Dr. MacEachren’s plethora of pioneering seminal and landmark works in geovisualization and geovisual analytics — an interdisciplinary field whose name he coined, and whose subject matter he helped define — have proven to be ground-breaking as well as sources of significant impacts on the Geographic Information Science community. Dr. MacEachren’s broad range of cartographic influences in this thematic GIScience subfield stems from numerous journal articles (a 2019 impartial assessment ranks him as the 11th most cited GIScience author during 2007-2016), especially about exploratory spatial data analysis, his classic 1995 book entitled How Maps Work: Representation, Visualization and Design, and his critical leadership role in establishing and sustaining the Penn State GeoVISTA Center.

The UCGIS Research Award is to recognize a single contribution or a series of research works that are seminal and have significant impacts on Geographic Information Science community, while not being a lifetime achievement award.

UCGIS will honor Alan MacEachren and other award recipients as part of its Symposium 2022 programming activities.