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National Flood Forecasting and Inundation Mapping
Wednesday, March 09, 2016
Category: Webinars

A National Water Model of the United States will begin operations in June 2016 at a new National Water Center (link is external) opened by the National Weather Service in Tuscaloosa, AL. Using this model the National Weather Service will continually forecast flow on about 2.7 million stream reaches of the NHDPlus geospatial dataset of stream hydrography covering the continental United States as a single stream and river network. The academic community, coordinated through the Consortium of Universities for Hydrologic Science, Inc, (CUAHSI), is collaborating with the National Weather Service to conduct a seven-week Summer Institute at the National Water Center in June-July 2016 to allow graduate students to conduct research and carry out group projects advancing the application of the National Water Model. In particular, a national-scale experiment is being carried out at the CyberGIS Center for Advanced Digital and Spatial Studies at the University of Illinois to analyze the land surface terrain around the stream network to characterize the 3D stream channel morphology thus enabling the conversion of flow forecasts into forecasts of water surface elevation and flood inundation at the continental scale.

UCGIS and CUAHSI are together supporting the engagement of their respective communities in this experiment and in the 2016 Summer Institute for which the call for student applications is now open. This webinar will provide background concerning the National Water Model, the 2016 Summer Institute, and the continental-scale stream channel morphology experiment enabled by cutting-edge cyberGIS capabilities and research.

The recorded session for this presentation can be found at the UCGIS Webinar channel.