Karen KempThe Education Committee is pleased to announce that Professor Karen Kemp at the University of Redlands has been selected as the 2004 UCGIS Educator of the Year for her many and important contributions to the GIS education community.

Dr. Karen Kemp  has led a distinguished career that embodies the principles embedded in the philosophy of the UCGIS Educator of the Year award. Her experience over two decades in developing GIS curricula and teaching at UCSB, Vienna, Berkeley, Cambridge and now Redlands has inspired her to bring her lessons learned to the rest of the GIS world in the form of academic papers, glossaries, distance-learning and web-based curriculum, and through numerous other forums. We acknowledge her leadership role in the various NCGIA Core Curricula and the powerful role those materials had in guiding GIS education. Further, she has taken a leadership role in GIS education and with UCGIS. Her nominees stated : “She has been a stalwart leader of the education initiative of the UCGIS, carrying much of the moral responsibility for that organizational goal.”

The Nominations and Awards Committee sends its most enthusiastic congratulations.